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The Future of Teaser Trailers?

by Lee Crutchley 3

The Future of Teaser Trailers? | Doodlers Anonymous

I hate the fact that movie promotion these days consists of hundreds of "viral" marketing pieces and thousands of teaser trailers. I pretty much avoided the internet for 3 months before the latest Batman movie came out so it wasn't ruined for me. I much preferred it when we got one trailer and a poster then got to actually watch the movie.

Having said that, this "official trailer #3" for Looper is one of the coolest pieces of movie promo I've seen in ages. The whole thing was made using the artwork of Zachary Johnson, who then worked with Noah Fisher to animate it.

Since the current trend is to pepper us with as many different trailers as movie studios can churn out, it would be awesome to see more of them mixing things up like this. This trailer didn't really give away anything about the movie, it's really memorable, and it REALLY made me want to see Looper even more than I already did. Do not miss it! You can see more of Zach's work at


  1. I sure hope thats the future for trailers! Awesome!

  2. Blew me away!\r\nUnbelievable talent!

  3. absurd! really a step forward in videos and trailers

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