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Mr (not so) Frivolous

by Lee Crutchley 8

Mr (not so) Frivolous | Doodlers Anonymous

As I mentioned in a previous post I love art that combines realistic portraits and crazy colour schemes, and the work of Mr Frivolous definitely hits the spot there. But the thing that really interests me about his work is the text. It's almost like a personal graffiti he adds to his drawings, in amongst all the quotes he adds to each piece you'll often find personal notes or declarations scribbled down. I love the piece that has a corner ripped off with a note saying "this bit was crap so I ripped it off" in its place.

In a world where so much art looks virtually the same, it's work that has little bits of personality like that bursting from it that really stands out. I check back in at his website regularly to see if he's added any new pieces, and since Santa Claus is richer than I am I've bookmarked a few of his original drawings for my Christmas wishlist.


  1. This is fabulous. Until next time CYANara was well done indeed.

  2. Its just fantastic work but dear i wounder know how much time you take to complete one of that?

  3. Love it!


  5. I think adding text to sketches can add a lot to the piece, especially when it is annotating \"inner dialogue\" like this. Thanks for sharing these.

  6. LOVE.

  7. So talented! Love the work, keep up the good job!

  8. Wow Great style to your work!

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