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This Book Will Ignite Your Creativity

by OKAT 7

This Book Will Ignite Your Creativity | Doodlers Anonymous

I've been drawing my whole life, but often I find myself stuck staring at a blank page wishing for some kind of push to get me going. As a creative, momentum is everything. Once I settle in, I feel like I can draw for hours and never stop, but getting there is always the challenge.

If you can relate, then you need to be friends with Lisa Currie. Lisa is the queen of drawing prompts, a muse in a way. She has this incredible ability of presenting you with a guided challenge (and constraint) from just a few simple black lines and a short phrase, but don't mistake that for meaning there's a lack of sophistication to the task. It's specifically that simplicity that encourages the most creative and aesthetic responses.

She'll posts prompts and submissions weekly over at the Scribble Project's blog, but now there's something way better. The folks at Perigee (a division of Penguin) have published 192 pages of her quirky and imaginative doodle sheets, and they've declared it: The Scribble Diary. I love this book because I can carry it with me anywhere and find that it's constantly the spark I need to put my pen to paper.

(Sample Pages drawn in by Jaimeks, Lisa Davies and Takatoshi Sano)

We are lucky at Doodlers Anonymous, because Lisa is on staff here as one of our favorite contributors. We'd like to congratulate her on this book and encourage all of you to get your hands on it and play along. You'll find it to be a gem in your collection.


  1. I started filling mine in last week, it\'s awesome!

  2. Yay! I hope you all have a ton of fun with this book... thanks so much for the love!

  3. This is SUCH a great idea! I love it and am now in need of it.

  4. awesome Lisa! :)

  5. How can you not love Lisa\'s creative energy?!

  6. Just got this book as an early birthday gift, and I have to say it\'s awesome! I really like it :)

  7. I just got the book today! I\'m excited to break it in. C:

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