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Sketchbook Envy

by Lee Crutchley 5

Sketchbook Envy | Doodlers Anonymous

I first found out about Carty Sewill when an insanely bright portrait of Marty McFly popped up on my tumblr feed. Thankfully the image linked back to Carty's website and I spent the next couple of hours eagerly clicking the next page button until I came to the end.

Carty has the wonderful knack of being able to put a subtle fantasy spin on his otherwise realistic artwork. I'm so hungry for some multicoloured bacon right now.

I love the fact that Carty still produces so much work in his sketchbook. It was really difficult to pick out just a few examples to represent his work here, so if you still have a taste for sketchbook envy (and multicoloured bacon) head over to his website to check out the rest of his work.


  1. Oh my gosh. I love this sketchbook.

  2. Yep, me too. Carty\'s work is insane. In a good way.

  3. Wow really nice! Slitting the wrists scares me a little but really nice work.

  4. awesome!

  5. awesome!

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