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The Vanilla Soft-Serve Of Doodling

by Lisa Currie 16

The Vanilla Soft-Serve Of Doodling | Doodlers Anonymous

If doodling styles were ice-cream flavours, we'd all get brain-freeze and tummy aches well before we got to sample each one. Basically... there's a ton of different styles. Heaps! Plenty! Lots!

But when I think of "doodling" there's still one particular style that pops into my head first. Neat lines, black markers and no space left un-doodled. It's the vanilla soft-serve of doodling! And Filipino artist, Lei Melendres does it really, really well. Yum!


  1. very nice..

  2. Whoa...!

  3. This is insane and quite beautiful.

  4. I love how he takes photos of his doodles, too. With all the pens and desk. Just makes it that much cooler!

  5. Yes! I\'ll take another scoop please.

  6. Jim! Actually when I found Lei I thought of you.... your doodlings are also what I would call a delicious vanilla soft-serve!

  7. I\'m just in love of his doodles ^_____________^

  8. thanks Lisa. \\[•~•]/

  9. these doodles are sooo amazing ! T___T wish I could make some doodles that cool too.

  10. Super cool!

  11. Now I have to practice and be a better doodler. These are gorgeous.

  12. I\'ve always wanted to doodle-up a certain wall in the house filled with pure awesomeness and leave no space for despair.\r\n\r\nSad, only people like Lei can do it in the most amazing way.

  13. this is my kind of doodle, i do these all the time, they are fun and you can really let your creativity shine through these. Awesome drawings! :)

  14. Absolutely stunning, exactly what I wish my work was like and what I aspire for it to be. Truly inspirational!

  15. Love it

  16. this is amazing awesome

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