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A Slice of Life

by Sara Barnes 9

A Slice of Life | Doodlers Anonymous

Seo Kim's comics are ones after my own heart. In general, my favorite stories are those that are relatable to the human experience on some level, even if they don’t relate to MY experiences. Does that even make sense? Basically, I like to consume media that shows people living life.

Seo's comics are funny, and reflect someone that has too many ideas in their head, takes on too many projects, and is maybe a little bit stubborn. I especially relate to-much-food-in-hands-forgot-utensils comic. It is a daily occurrence for me.

All available on Seo’s Tumblr.


  1. I absolutely love these. :DDDD

  2. I agree Sara!!! The "too-much-food-in-hands-forgot-utensils" happens to me every time and Seo captured it perfectly. I think those of us that work from home fall victim to it all too often.

  3. haha, oh these are so genius !

  4. These are a ton of fun Sara. I just subscribe to the RSS feed so I can get a regular dose. :)

  5. Funny and cute! Very good...

  6. cute

  7. I need to see more, these are fab!

  8. Love this!

  9. 好看

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