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Drugs Influence on Art

by OKAT 4

Drugs Influence on Art | Doodlers Anonymous

This is one of the most fascinating and extreme things I've ever posted about on Doodlers Anonymous. In an effort to profoundly affect his own perception, artist Bryan Lewis Saunders experimented with taking different drugs and then drawing himself under the influence.

It results in more than 40 drawn self-portraits, all with captions documenting exactly what drugs he consumed and how much of it too. What's most captivating to me are the amount of different illustration styles, from completely rudimentary and child-like to some made of collage and crayon. It seems like we are looking at a gallery of 40 different illustrators all drawing from the same photo.

Found via Kottke.

Left: 3mg Klonopin Right: Ritilin (doseage unknown-snorted)

Left: 2mg Xanax. Right: 2mg Nicotine Gum

Valium IV, (Albuterol, Saline & Oxygen) mixture

Left: 1 sm Glass of "real" Absinth (not the fake crap) Right: Huffing Lighter Fluid

Left: 10mg Ambien Right: 250mg Cephalexin


  1. woah... that is intense, scary and tempting all at the same time.

  2. freaky yeah

  3. This reminds me of the Acid tests the government preformed. Check out the 9 drawings

  4. My new favourite person

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