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Sketching with Found Leaves

by Hugo Seijas 4

Sketching with Found Leaves | Doodlers Anonymous

Spend enough time on Tumblr and you're bound to find a mountain of treasure ("El Dorado" be darned!). One such treasure is Robert Alejandro (aka The Sketching Backpacker) whose book is filled to the brim with locales from his constant travels. Even more interesting though, are his Leave Sketches, in which he takes ordinary, unnoticed-leaves and makes them the spotlight of the drawn page.


  1. seriously love this!

  2. Very creative work! no one can even imagine of this idea to paint from leaves.So inspiring.Thanks for the lovely post. painting contractor

  3. Very cool! I love the stylish tone of these little drawings.

  4. I love a good bit of whimsy! Thanks for sharing!

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