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Can Someone Please Translate This For Me?

by Lisa Currie 10

Can Someone Please Translate This For Me? | Doodlers Anonymous

Guten Tag! Auf Wiedersehen! That's about as far as my German goes. If only my second-grade German teacher had forced a few more foreign words into my soft young brain. I mean, one day we all made pancakes in class... is that even a German thing? Hmmm.

It's lucky then that my favourite German comic artist Nadine Redlich speaks mostly in pictures! Her drawings are cute, a bit smutty, and only sometimes need a helpful whisper from Google translate. Also her chill new series of "ambient comics" are surprisingly nice to stare at for a while.

Genießen! (that means "enjoy" in German.... I think)


  1. The humor in her work is fantastic and I loved her "Das Internet" set on flickr. Cool find.

  2. The hairy monster on the computer kills me! lol

  3. wonderful!

  4. Made me laugh:)

  5. love the ambient comic and the pear!

  6. love everything!

  7. That pear gets me every time, so cheeky!

  8. I love the pear!

  9. The pear has this Patrick Starfish look from Spongebob Squarepants & I have to admit I have a fondness for Patrick.

  10. I had to change m underwear after that Nutella drawing :)

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