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Not Your Average Textbook Situation

by Sara Barnes 3

Not Your Average Textbook Situation | Doodlers Anonymous

Julianna Brion and I both live in Baltimore, Maryland, and I recently had the pleasure of visiting her studio space. Julianna creates illustrations for a myriad of clients, but also manipulates awesome old books (think textbooks) with painting and collages.

It is in these books that she can experiment with imagery or technique. While they are important to her, they aren’t overly precious and she’s able to unwind creatively and not worry about the consequences. As a result, she’s created some great spreads.

See more of Julianna’s work! Did you know she also quilts?


  1. I did a project much like this as an undergrad, it was so much fun!

  2. I've never consistently done anything like this... but seems like good things come from it!

  3. These are wonderful!!

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