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Collaboration At Its Best

by Daphne 6

Collaboration At Its Best | Doodlers Anonymous

100 students drew the 3,000 frames for this video. The montage of starkly different styles, techniques, and visions mesh so beautifully, so compellingly. This is collaboration at its best. Sometimes 100 heads are better than 1. Sit back and enjoy.

Found via Etsy


  1. Sheridan college's Visual and Creative Arts program did a similar video, check it out!

  2. This is insane

  3. Wooooooow!!!

  4. Really cool, I would like to know how many subliminal messages my head is processing right now...

  5. I could watch this 100 more times and still find things I didn't see the first time

  6. this is animation at its best!

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