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Excuse Me Sir, Will You Please Vandalize My School Shoes?

by Lisa Currie 5

Excuse Me Sir, Will You Please Vandalize My School Shoes? | Doodlers Anonymous

Do you remember the art teacher you had in school? If not, then maybe you can take this one for a spin. His name is Todd Marrone. He's an artist who lives & teaches middle-school in Philadelphia. He says things like, "if God didn’t want me to draw on my students’ shoes, he wouldn’t have made them out of canvas". I wish he'd been my art teacher! How cool to come into class, learn a few things, then walk out with a custom paint job on your sneakers. Or binder, or hat, or skateboard. Or piggy bank...

"If I had a nickel for every time a student asked me to customize a giant piggy bank, I’d be able to play one fifth of a game of Pac-Man."


  1. This is awesome. What a way to leave your mark on your students.

  2. I wish my art teacher was as cool as this.

  3. very cool. I want to know exactly what he's using to draw on the converse tips? just sharpies? they look too clean for that. I want to draw like that on my sneakers.

  4. Cool ^^

  5. That\'s what I used to do with all my sneakers when I was a teenager :)

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