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One More Time, for the Cheap Seats
in the Back

by Lisa Currie 4

One More Time, for the Cheap Seatsin the Back | Doodlers Anonymous

Every weekend Joe List peppers his copy of the Guardian newspaper with cute, slimy, dorky creatures. He gives a face to every faceless object, and ensures that cranky dinosaurs in tiny bowler hats are given their front-page glory! With online news becoming the norm now, he might not have much longer to get these creatures down on actual newsprint, so we best make the most of it while we can, right?

Confession. We've actually mentioned Joe before. OKAT featured The Annotated Weekender on DA in 2009 (yep, that long ago...) but since you probably don't have the spare-time or the breathing apparatus to dive that deep into our archives, here it is again. There's over FOUR YEARS of new content for you to catch up on and giggle at.

Here are a few of my favourites. This was not an easy cull to make!


  1. @Lisa: Did you know Joe's work on The Guardian is also what originally inspired our Doodle Bomb showcase and tumblr? It's true.

  2. @OKAT: did not know that! he pretty much epitomises what a "doodle addict" is

  3. very nice:)

  4. does sombody here know how to post pictures? (hey im new what do you expect?)

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