Inspiration: Giveaway

Giveaway: 1000 Days of Drawing

by OKAT 244

Giveaway: 1000 Days of Drawing | Doodlers Anonymous

I've never met another drawing madman like Chris Piascik. His sharpie must never leave his hand. On DA alone we've featured his work countless times and now again, for a compilation of one-thousand of his drawings. Every day, for many, many days now Chris has doodled something in the category of music, politics, bikes, characters, complaints, quotes or plain old improvised doodles.

I am going to give one of you this book. All you have to do is leave a comment below with something that you obsess over, like Chris obsesses over drawing. Share your addiction with the rest of us, and your name gets put in the hat. We'll randomly choose one of you in seven days. Comments close (end of day) July 16th, we'll draw the name the following day. Go on now, play along.

On a side note: Chris is awesome. I mean that. He's not just great at drawing, he is super kind and makes himself quite available to the community. He's been a guest writer at DA, participates in numerous zines and collaborations and was published in our first coloring book and soon to be second volume too. Regardless of the outcome of this giveaway, I highly recommend you get your hands on this book. Support this truly outstanding talent, and buy his self-published book here. Good luck and be sure to subscribe to our RSS and twitter feed for future giveaway news.


  1. Looks like this book would have plenty of inspiration for us doodlers. : )

  2. I obsess over graffiti and stationary.. that being said my biggest obsession is graffiti stationary, such as new cans, or spray caps.. especially spray caps.. I am obsessed with spray caps

  3. My biggest obsession is books and this would make a great piece in my collection.

  4. I obsess with doodle books, for sure!

  5. I am obsessed with Doodling...specially when people are talking around's like a defense mechanism ;)

  6. I obsess over art from every aspect from graffiti to doodles to photography etc. It gives me inspiration for new ideas on art pieces.

  7. Cats and cheese puffs.

  8. I obsess over creepy old antiques and scary stuff!

  9. I obsess over 'Images.' Where they come from, where they go when they aren't being remembered. How we share we can change they form our memory and our imagination. How they come when we read, hear a song or watch a movie. How Images can travel through time, and give you time....and what happens to the ones we dream. xx

  10. Wow! Really nice book!

  11. Sharpies and Sharpies. Oh, and any other brand of markers!

  12. I like to solve my problems with obscure doodles wrapping around structured and scaled drawings. Chaos in order kind of thing.

  13. I obsess over so many things artsy, but of late, my major obsessions are paper-cuttings, traditional print methods, hand drawn anything, and reading about people's amazing inspiration and idea-conception for projects.

  14. I have an obsession with skulls!!

  15. Im obsess with tentacles, Octopus to be exact. I dont recall how it happen but now i cant stop including them in my paintings.

  16. I obsess over little decorations - buttons, badges, wall hangings, door knobs, brooches etc etc!

  17. I obsess over repetitive tiny fine lines and a nice sharp smelling cheese.

  18. I obsess over books - I have so many I still need to read but I keep buying more!

  19. waaahhhh! I am OBSESSED about being OBSESSED about DRAWING!!!!! :DD I can't seem to get enough of art and i don't think I ever will! :D This obsession of mine often traps me between doing school work or doing what I want! :D

  20. I obsess about writing, good food, and doodling!

  21. I'm obsessed with new sketchbooks/journals. I have a bazillion and I can't stop buying them!

  22. I obsess over WASHI TAPE. I love the colorful, japanese masking tape to enhance drawings and collages in my art journals. I daydream about starting my own washi tape company because some of the designs are too cutesy and I want something more edgy :)

  23. I am also obsessed with drawing! I started The Doodle Swap Project a few years ago and have been swapping doodles with folks for quite some time now! I am also obsessed with baby animals and zombies ;)

  24. I obsess over moleskins and notebooks and pens in every color imaginable. I don't know why, but I can't resist buying every. single. time.

  25. I obsess over the fact that I have do many art projects calling me!!! I wish my doodling could take over-thanks for Thr giveaway!

  26. I obsess over hand-drawn and lettered zines. I have so many - including a huge box of Moonlight Chronicles.

  27. I obsess with leaving it all behind, man

  28. I signed up for a membership, just so I could leave a comment! I've been obsessing over washi tape lately.

  29. I obsess over teddy bears-- from seeing them to owning them to painting them. I just can't leave an abandoned one alone and think about how amazing it'd look in a future painting for weeks to follow. I also obsess over cows and my newest obsession is (don't laugh!) the beautiful tiny pictures on Magic cards-- I just want to keep all the beautiful ones and look at them all day!!

  30. "Woe is me."

  31. If there is an empty space, I have to fill it up. Horor vacui?

  32. My obsession is to collect blank waste paper, like postal covers, paper napkins, paper bags, wedding cards, thin packaging boxes etc.and start doodling on it.

  33. I have two greatest obsessions. Art books and doodling. I even bring my sketchbook to work so I can draw whenever I feel like doing it. It somehow kills the boredom.

  34. Oh Obsession! Today it is The List of THINGS to Do.

  35. I am constantly moved to plant, grow, create(including doodling) or gathering the materials that might be useful in furthering these obsessions.

  36. I obsess over doodling, posca pens, 60s psychedelic music, oddities (hairy fish, shrunken skulls, etc) and shoes! Though my current new obsession is finding myself a new smock to paint in...I'm also somewhat obsesses with getting my hands on Chris's book now!! :)

  37. I'm obsessed with soft toys - up to the point that I started my own series of fun, plush characters :)

  38. Currently it's Bird Prints. And Typography. And I'm desperate to start learning to sew. DESPERATE. I hope to soon combine All these things together to make something beautiful

  39. Mines art, music and food (particularly cheese).

  40. oooooooooh thats great! i am truly obsessed with pens and markers and everything like that. i've spent a lot of money on pens and pencils...oh a huge amount of money!!! greetings from austria! :)

  41. drawings and animals :)

  42. Currently I am obsessed with my new favorite snack: avocado and black salt on toast.

  43. drawing,drawing,drawing

  44. I'm obsessed with impromptu freeform long division

  45. I'm obsessed with lots of things. Pinterest & Tumblr, books, Boston Terriers, and taking photographs! Just stumbled across Chris's stuff today & I love it, would love to win his book!

  46. I'm obsessed with seeing other artists and creatives desks or work areas. It usually tells a lot about the person.

  47. Morrissey and grazed knees.

  48. fantastic book! I have a lifelong obsession with paper. any kind, any color, all textures welcome. a trip through any office or stationery shop brings a fiber buzz (:

  49. Recently, I'm obsessed with skulls, but the coloured mexican version! I draw them everywhere!

  50. I'm like Chris, obsessed over drawing

  51. I'm obsesses with Prints! Colours! Crafts! Drawings! and not forgetting good food and tea!

  52. I obsess over urban landscapes, street art, sketchbooks and drinking tea!

  53. Insects! One day they will rule the world.

  54. Whenever i walk through the concrete jungle, i always have big jiffy eco markers in my bag. I am COMPLETELY obsessed over drawing on any surface i see that isnt immediatly visible to the public. sides of buildings, giving the crosswalk sign men something to carry, and a ha of course. Right now im working on a large mural in an alleyway, using a marker so far.

  55. I obsess over "to-do" lists. Always and forever. I re-write them a billion times. I should just stop making them all together.

  56. Lately, I have been obsessing about Traditional Japanese line art... and Arthur Rackham?

  57. pens. and pork belly.

  58. I am obsessed with good coffee (and drawing my coffee cups) and paper and pencils/pens

  59. I obsess over hand drawn patterns.

  60. I like his alphabet! I want this book so i can steal his ideas, it will work better than eating his brain directly (one imagines). *winning smile* :D

  61. i obsess over my dog, but he doesn't mind!

  62. i'm obsessed with music and movies.

  63. I'm obsessed with colored pencils (you can never have too many), vintage children's book illustrations, and things that glow in the dark.

  64. I obsess over drawing... and pie... luscious chocolate pie.

  65. I'm obsessed with "Zentangle" and doodling and any kind of drawing medium I can use to draw them.

  66. Please....please...I need this.. for me and my girls ;-)

  67. I obsess over inspirational phrases. And The Beatles.

  68. 'obsessed with the sea and the waves, the fishes and the beach ... love the book :)

  69. I obsess over opening credits in film/tv shows. I love the thought and intrigue they have to create so the viewer is engaged from the very beginning. Love it!

  70. I obsess over pretty things :)

  71. This book looks awesome - totally digging the typography! I obsess over pens. I have sacrificed many jars and cups to store all of them. I even have a drawer to stash all the leftover pens!

  72. i obsess over my weiner dog and figuring out exactly how i can create (through crochet) every single thing i see.

  73. I obsess over doodling, art supplies and music!

  74. This book looks so amazing! Definitely a must have! I have recently found that i obsess over the order of my work and how it has to be a certain way, when someone looks through it, unless it's in a book, i feel a little agitated in case they change it. I also have a thing about 'cleanliness', i get paranoid incase something marks my work and ruins it; like peoples dirty fingers. I feel kind of silly about it all, haha!

  75. currently, i obsess over mountain goats. and on wednesday i'm going to the alps to look for them.

  76. I'm obsessed with the fusion of polar opposites, left and right brain, schisms joining, juxtapositions of fact and fiction.

  77. At the moment I'm obsessed with Plasticine. X

  78. Cats and music and art. I LOVE them.

  79. I am currently obsessed with using mixed media! I'm loving the result of colored pencil, bic pens, and permanent markers. So awesome.

  80. I change obsessions often, but at the moment it's 1930s pottery and 1950s tablecloths. Oh, and staring obsessively at the illustrations of William Joyce and your doodles!

  81. I've been obsessing about doodling anything and everything that I can remember from my dreams. I've painted images from my dreams using half assed doodles I drew half asleep, haha.

  82. This is some very very uber-super-ultra crazy stuff ! I totally want IT !!! am obsessed with portraits ... bringing life to them its an interesting task...

  83. My obsession are blank and cute notebooks, acid candy and buy 1 cent stuff on ebay! :D

  84. I obsess over planning a number of alternate strategies for survival in the event of a "Zombie Apocalypse"…

  85. I obsessively save all my produce stickers.

  86. I'm in crazy love with what I can see of this book so far -- enter me! :D

  87. I'm obsessed with early 20th century photos.

  88. i obsess over moogerfoogers :)

  89. I obsess over movie posters :)

  90. i obsess over how to dreaming about sleeping. too bad i'm out of reality but still trying till now.

  91. Books like this just make me want to draw and draw and draw!

  92. I obsess over tshirt cutting!!!! I LOVE Adam Saaks and taking old shirts and making them cute again and stealing shirts from my brother and boyfriend and cutting them down to size and i cant wait to make a business out of it so all day everyday i can get paid for what i love to do its just SO MUCH FUN.

  93. I'm obsessed with weird stuff. Weird stuff is awesome. I like weird, crazy, fun and insane things. It could be illustrations, product design, graffiti or everyday things like seeing faces in inanimate objects! Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me, my mind told me I saw an astronought the other day, when in fact it was our receptionist. But I digress, I obsess over innovative creativity. It inspires me to do great things.

  94. Pyshadelic music, surfing movies from the '60s, and old newspapers are my obsessions.

  95. Many obsessions...latest is tattoos...must fill arms!

  96. Pots of tea! :)

  97. fighting stick figures and shapes during meetings.

  98. I'm obsessed with Illustrated children's books, tin boxes and doodling :)

  99. I'll say what I'm NOT obsessed with: a Calvin Klein perfume, a movie with Beyonce in it, and a song by Mariah Carey (also, slightly obsessed with pop culture).

  100. I obsess over Batman. Whether it's watching Batman movies/cartoons or drawing Batman. It's all good to me.

  101. I am obsessed with potatoes, and cheese... and potatoes with cheese. YUUM! I think i might have to do some potato and cheese doodles! ;)

  102. I am obsessed with my family and their love

  103. I think I realized I'm obsessed with learning? lol I try to read as much as I can about the things that interest me (health, art, illustration, digital design, fashion, food). The downside to this may be that I do a lot of reading but not a lot of action.

  104. I am currently obsessing on organizing my time and schedule. It's crazy! Be it on post-it, on my phone and even on my planner. I have to be sure I don't forget anything important for the week. Drawing things that are also associated with it also helps a lot!

  105. I obsess over doodles. And Chris Piascik's drawings are among my very favorite.

  106. Ooo OOooo! Pick meeeeee!! I want, I want, I neeeed!

  107. I am obsessed with pens...

  108. Turtles....lazy turtles

  109. currently, my iphone. i can't remember what life was like before i had it clutched constantly in my left hand. it kinda grosses me out.

  110. Planning. I plan for awesome things to create and how exciting is that? Best kind of anticipation!!!!! Now if only I obsessed over making things happen...I'm working on it.

  111. Sketchbooks and my fear of 'ruining' them. Though am getting better at that... and can't stop buying them. Also - Art & Craft books can't stop obsessing over them and sneaking them into the house - some women do it with clothes I do it with books. If my partner asks I'll say "Oh that? Had it ages!"

  112. I have a severe, and enjoyable obsession with the number 5. I have ALWAYS given 5 kisses to my kids at bedtime,that goes for my fiance too, I take pictures of 5 in interesting places i.e. elevator doors, signs,etc. Odd, but happy little thing I am.

  113. I am obsessed with birds. I have been building up a journal over the past few months of my sightings and bird doodles, which has been really fun! I am a big fan of Matt Sewell's bird illustrations too, so much personality:

  114. I obsess over swear words. Too much of my doodles feature them!

  115. I'm obsess with obsessions. Not joking. Everyday something new comes up in my mind, and I treat it like my highest passion or reason of life.

  116. I am obsessed with gradients!

  117. My obsession is Photography. I love taking pictures, making pictures and admiring other pictures and photographers.

  118. i obsess over kerning of letters. i cant look at something without seeing if it's spaced correctly. i also cant look at a word without trying to work out the typeface. i think i have a real problem!

  119. I obsess over whatever project has my attention at any time, not sleeping until it is finished or another project replaces it. Drawing? Design? Gardening? Doesn't bother me what it is, I just have to get it done while I can!

  120. i obsess over my plants, love to see them grow and keep multiplying them so my place is nice and green

  121. Music, I suppose. Especially the kind that's not quite music.

  122. i obsess over having things clean. if things aren't clean, then they need to be. they need to be this way, they need to be that way. wires need to be twist tied and put away from vision. papers need to be organized by shape, size and type of use. i use tiles as grids to they can align with each other. fridge must be organized: bottles shall be arranged from shortest to tallest, ensuring viewability upon opening door. electronics with electronics, tools and hardware with tools and hardware, similar things with similar things, ensuring the smallest portion of miscellaneous, which go towards future garage sales. oh and i love chris, been a huge fan of him :) ill buy his book (again) still even if i get it for freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  123. I obsess over the fact that I'm the only person I know who doesn't have an obsession...

  124. I'm obsessed with hoarding useless crap and trying to make something useful out of it, like used paper and receipts and scrap wood. I actually upcycled shopping bags into backpacks and tote bags for my 3D final.

  125. I obsess over magical everything. Fairy wings, making crowns, making wands, harry potter, beautiful places that have a hint of magic, glitterized life.. I LOVE GLITTER. I also love rainbow colored everything. My rainbow pinterest board is EPIC. Check it out :-) Glitter life forever!

  126. I obsess over music and t-shirts. And Eduardo Recife! And Irana Douer and Ricardo Cavolo and Carla Barth.

  127. whether or not I'm going in the right direction.

  128. i obsess over french fries!!!

  129. i obsess over being too obsessed when i i'm not obsessed.

  130. I am obsessed with nature! I doodle flowers and animals anywhere from tissue paper to banana skins, I swear!

  131. i obsess over shoes that cost way too much!

  132. I am obsessed with writing to do lists in my sketchbook!

  133. I obsess over coins. I started collecting them from work when people left foreign coins in the tip jar and I started to keep coins I thought were unusual. I love them.

  134. I am obsessed with it because I want oneeeeeeeeeeee!

  135. :( i just come across this now... and i bet there is noooo way i could win this... Am i too late? I love this.. i want this... i need it :( lol love a draw a day... and to see someone else's would be like looking into their lives.. like a diary... eeek hope i can win..!!!!

  136. I am teaching my 21 month old son Eoin, how to draw lots of things and read letters and numbers, it will be really cool to showing him this book, it's awesome. :D

  137. I obsess about Typography so much that even all my plants are named after typefaces.

  138. I obsess about many things, but especially scribbling, writing in different handwriting on a post-it, origami (paper cranes) and being perfect and meticulous in everything I do. When I draw, it feels like time freezes. I draw and I just can't seem to be able to stop. I tell myself, there's always something to add on, until I get the result I want. Anyways, this book looks amazing and beautiful. Keep up the good work Chris!

  139. I'm obsessed with puzzles!!! :D

  140. I am obsessed with taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures! :-D

  141. my phone - can. not. get. enough.

  142. Wow, kind of thing that would keep has in your tank as you draw. Inspiring

  143. I obsessed with creation. In all kinds. making things is what beats everything! I WANT THIS! GIVE THIS TO ME!

  144. I am obsessed with music and art, but in particular cigar boxes. I make musical instruments out of old cigar boxes and I paint/draw on them as well.

  145. I obsess over thin point markers. Ones that take forever to complete a doodle with.

  146. I obsess over new office supplies! Back-to-school shopping has always felt like Christmas to me!

  147. I obsess over stabilo pens! Every color! I need to know where each one is, I have a mental record of each place where I used them for the last time every time. When any pen dies it takes a piece of me with it!

  148. I obsess over books; old books, new books, picture books, blank books.

  149. I obsess over old photos and vintage postcards

  150. I obsess over hand-lettering and bright patterns.

  151. I obsess over music, colors, cute illustrations and see people smile :)

  152. I obsess over the spelling of obsess.

  153. currently oBsessed with the letter B, allman brothers staion on pandora radio, closed position mandolin scales, black jack, copenhagen wintergreen, softball, budweiser in cans with salt on top o'the can, all things Jeep, tire swings, ping pong, Spooner my dog/oldest daughter, cincinnati reds baseball, and art by jeral tidwell.

  154. I obsess over writing things down. I ALWAYS have a notebook (or at least a piece of paper) and a pen handy. I take notes for nearly every thought that enters my brain. Because I do not want to forget anything.

  155. I obsess over seeing everything, I always like to look around for new inspirations, and keep drawing and writing, I love to look for new shapes, shadows, people, I absolutely love sharing ideas, and knowing what other people are up to.

  156. I am obsessed with knitting and watching sad movies.

  157. Right now, I am obsessed with scary and appalling ceramics. Soon it will be something else.

  158. I obsess with the alphabet. I love to use the alphabet to ensure I've found every single option of whatever I'm investigating at the time. I even use it to distract me at the dentist when I might try to think of a vegetable for every letter of the alphabet. it's not as easy as you would think!

  159. I am obsessed in doodling all day long abc's mostly.

  160. I obsess over pens. I love to doodle because I love all pen, and markers and the such.

  161. I'm obsessed with my pencils. I sometimes even skip lunch just to finish a doodle or sketch using colored pencils. :)

  162. Shapes are my relentless obsession!

  163. I'm obsessed with cats, and typography, and any form of cool pens. oh oh. and books. many many lovely books. :)

  164. empty walls, i can seem to let them be empty,hence doodling on empty white walls or anything bare and bleak is my obsession.other than that, i have an obsession about stacking up plates n what not after i finish a meal,special the bunchas at korean restaurants :)

  165. I constantly obsess over drawing something correct first time, and if it doesn't work the first few times its drawn I give up and start doing something else.. That and I obsess over finding my 'style' within illustration.

  166. I'm obsessed with cliche's, old sayings and words that have more than one meaning. Then I like to draw them in the wrong context to highlight how unusual they are. You may not even think about it otherwise. Bear with me.

  167. Love and Want. Doodle addict says.

  168. ice cream, for sure.

  169. Music!!!!

  170. Music!!!!

  171. i obsess with the spelling of obsess, cat videos, and Green Day

  172. HORSES. Just pictures of them though, I don't really like touching animals

  173. I'm obsessed with new notebooks... or any notebook

  174. I'm obsessed with drawing cute little monsters, music, drawing, and my daughter...hehe!

  175. I obsess over making recipes from inspiration--start with a few ingredients and come up with what tantalizing dish I would cook up.

  176. obsessed with donuts for eyes and Abe Lincolns exceptional facial hair

  177. There's nothing like the feel of just the right pen on just the right paper...when the stars align the doodles are amazing!

  178. i obsess over baking. all measurements must be exact!!!

  179. Childhood obsession: unicorns. Adult obsessions: soccer, ice cream, books (just love to be around them and read them), journaling, and, yes, I still love unicorns.

  180. Collaging!

  181. Today I am obsessed with block general, I've recognized I have an obsession with collecting art supplies (If there is a 12 step program for this, I'm definitely a potential candidate).

  182. I'm obsessed with being obsessed about drawing! I see so many talented people around me who spontaneously and freely pour drawings out into their sketchbooks! I'm obsessed with wanting to be like that, though it may or may not be for me! At least it makes me reach for a sketchbook more often! :)

  183. Books, tea and chocolate eclairs.

  184. umm.... my iPod, fashion blogs (hmmm, definitely blogs in general, actually), indie/hipster/rock/folk bands (that's definitely a serious worry), food (pudding), drawing worryingly thin, pretty and slightly odd looking girls in unlikely poses (more often than not with strange hand positions, too) and Bill Bryson. More Bill Bryson than anything. And also old books, sewing patterns, sewing in GENERAL, new stationary (mmmmm) men with large and furry moustaches and... and... and... *sigh* just talking about these things makes me happy :D

  185. I am obsessed with reading...I just checked out 12 books from the library

  186. i'm obsessed with frothy coffee, buying used books, and drawing with one line!

  187. I obsess over many things, but since I just had dinner I'm probably going to list things related to food: ......chai tea, garlic powder and mashed potatoes :)

  188. I´m obssesed with watching pictures, images of any kind.

  189. I'm obsessed with crafting and Starbucks.

  190. My obsession....LIFE! That is living it- I feel the need to rescue people from boring mundane lives and introduce them to how much fun they could be having creating. Doodling during meetings is another obsession. I can retain so much more if the pen is moving then I do with the back of my eyelids which seems to happen if the hand is not active.

  191. I obsess over my fine point sharpie marker and my colored pencils! Gotta have 'em for my many mini creations!

  192. i obsess with books with 1000 drawings!

  193. I love color and pictures. Great for the ADD in me.

  194. I am obsessed with polka dots. Anything I see that has polka dots on it, I buy it. I'm also obsessed with burritos. They're tasty.

  195. i am obsessed with sewing and fabric. i love drawing, but even my drawings are about the designs i will make out of fabric.

  196. I obsess over vintage things, horses, and winning this book!

  197. Hand drawn type, kitchen design, the 1920's, the 1930's, & tacos.

  198. I am obsessed with surrealism, and making doodles in unexpected places, so people will eventually find them and be surprised.

  199. Polyvore is my online artistic creation. Wish I had the talent to doodle though.

  200. i'm obsessed to cat, that sometimes an old lonely lady trapped inside me.

  201. Having this book would be Doodlerific!!

  202. I am obsessed with teaching art!

  203. An amazing selection of doodlicious inspiration

  204. Obsessed with reading all of the above comments in order to come up with a good obsession.

  205. I'm obsessed with books and their aesthetic value

  206. I'm obsessed over obsessive things, which is music and drawings!

  207. I'm obsessed with addictions, habits, OCD, disorders, blanket diagnoses and how a lot if these are just characteristics of creative people. It's almost criminal to be expressive.

  208. I'm obsessed with the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman.. also drawing, but that's more like therapy :)

  209. Oh, and fashion sketches. I love them more than the actual clothes!

  210. I obsess over printmaking, but lithography specifically! I love drawing with greasy crayons, I love graining my stone and feeling the texture go from coarse to smooth, I love rubbing it up with gum arabic, etching, and I love pulling a print for the first time and having it come out better than expected.

  211. I obsess over Sharpes. I have boxes of them. And in high school I had more of them then actual school supplies in my backpack (which was one thing you were't allowed to bring on campus)... My classwork would have nice boarders/frames. Somehow by the end of the day i'd end up with full sleeve artwork. Now, I draw shirt designs for that school using them. lol. Gift me Sharpesss !

  212. i obsess over books with nice covers!

  213. I obsess over colourful shoes.... yes colourful shoes. any type, I dont mind but I seem to find more and more rediculous reasons to buy them like "oh these would be great 'teacher' shoes cause my art students love colour". rediculous I know.

  214. I obsess over cupcake and neuroscience and pubic topiary

  215. i've got an relatively wide-spread obsession: with everything cute. i wouldn't want to live in a world without cuteness! =) be it cute doodles, cute grafitti, cute t-shirts, cute kitties,... no day shall pass without cute!

  216. The way the moon creates waves on the beach! Nom

  217. Currently..I'm obsessed with going back home for vacation and lying all day and all night long on sandy beaches.. aaaaaah! beautiful Greece..

  218. I obsess over graffiti and therefore anything associated, such as equipment used, artists, areas etc. It's the one thing I get all giddy over!!

  219. I am obsessed with reading little notes that have fallen on the ground from people's pockets. Hence, I am very familiar with what the local people buy from the grocery store and have found out that cheese, milk and bread are the most popular items on their shopping lists.

  220. I obsess over screenprints. I cant get enough and i have no space on any wall for anymore but it doesn't stop me!

  221. as an obsessive bibliophile i obsess over obsessive behavior.

  222. I obsess over art journals, especially ones that contain lots of drawing...

  223. I wish I was left handed and had all that talent.........maybe with some practice and some help

  224. I obsess about my children fulfilling their potential...........I doodle to forget

  225. I am obsessed with paper! Colourful, textured, patterned... love it. I have draws full of the stuff. Luckily I also use it in my work, so not just a mad obsession.

  226. I'm obsessed with my daily viewing of DA doodles//////the lines/textures/color splashes/eccentricities/imagination, wow....

  227. I am obsessed with pens... must own every pen I see. Notebooks too. The two kind of go together. And when they do, they often result in doodles of course. ;)

  228. I obsess over pretty notebooks/books like Chris's! :D

  229. for me this book is kinda my obsession! Chris and his dailies have been a huge inspiration and drive behind my work and attitude. sure, I tend to procrastinate. but seeing chris's amazing style and attitude thru his work, it's all been a huge boost in my work and attitude. oh and I'm a fat kid at heart for any great food!

  230. YES! More inspiration for me to devour.

  231. I obsess over sketchbooks and all the things that I could fill them with.

  232. Fine lines, thick lines, squiggly, blocky, bubbly, and just all over the place randomness. All that, a black sharpie marker and some awesome obsessions

  233. Stationary! tools, outlines thick outlines! cant get enough of those. lists. music, guitars, drawing guitars. cheers, mike.

  234. pens. pencils. anything i can draw with or on. i hoard this stuff!!!

  235. coffee starbucks coffee

  236. I obsess about patterns and repetition, the silhouette of a dachshund, and the staggering creativity in young kids' drawings.

  237. I just love art. Doodling is my current obsession.

  238. I've got to say, currently I am pretty obsessed with photography, especially photographing people. I love it! I love expressing people's relationships and preserving their memories for the future. Drawing/sketching is also a pretty big obsession and on that note I loooove drawing tools like pens and markers, ect, I could stand in the art store and just drool over all of it for ages *o*

  239. This might be kinda random but.. I have a weird obsession for mermaids. I constantly draw humans with tails during classes. It's kinda embarrassing, knowing they don't exist. :( But still watching mermaid swim on youtube is enough for me. Haha. Here's proof of my obsession lol

  240. Awsome book

  241. I obsess over my Biology textbooks

  242. I am obsessed with coffee mugs and stationary

  243. Pens. Pencils. If I find one, I keep it. I even found one that is a sledgehammer. Its so adorable. The pen part is "carved wood" and on the top is a rope tied iron. It looks viking in nature. But pens. And pencils. For days.

  244. I obsess over a nice point on my pencils. . .

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