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Paint the Town

by OKAT 5

Paint the Town | Doodlers Anonymous

Martha Rushworth runs around sketching parts of her town, or maybe it's more walk than run. Actually she probably just stands still and sketches, adds color, then continues on her merry way. No matter the method, it's the color palette she uses that has me so fascinated. Look at how bright and wonderful it completes her thinly drawn lines. I want to live in a Hollywood set made of these drawings. Make it happen.


  1. These are beautiful drawings, and I love the colors too! She makes an ordinary town into a fun loving masterpiece.

  2. very lovely

  3. I like the circus much fun in here. :)

  4. It is true, I love the color combination she does and the happy feeling of her drawings ^_____^

  5. This is fabulous. He does have talent. Of course he can draw!It is an extra ordinary!!

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