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It's The Small Things, Right?

by Lisa Currie 4

It's The Small Things, Right? | Doodlers Anonymous

You know those kind of days where nothing much seems to happen? Get up, do some stuff, fall asleep. How do you muster up a diary entry on days like those?

I like how Giada Ganassin can make those kind of "nothing" days seem special. She keeps a calendar journal and doodles a little detail about every day of the month. Things like a nice nap on the couch, or buying an avocado for every day of the week - the small stuff that makes life feel good!

Lisa Currie

We all enjoy a bit of a doodle! That's why we're here. Or maybe you got lost and were searching for a whole other kind of doodle... uh oh. Anyway, hello! My name's Lisa. I'm author of The Scribble Diary, a doodling book to inspire self-reflection. Also my new book is ME, YOU, US to fill out with your friends! Come find me on instagram @scribblediary


  1. This is one of my favorite things we've ever posted on DA, period. Thanks for the find Lisa, and keep it going forever Giada, it's such an inspiration.

  2. she's a favourite for me, too! did you realise that this one is her as well... so perfect ay.

  3. This is truly amazing. Much thanks for posting it

  4. Thanks so much! Very good job! Your pieces are lovely my dear.will be sure to post her again when she is complete.

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