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12 Drawings A Day

by OKAT 8

12 Drawings A Day | Doodlers Anonymous

This animation by Denis Chapon is epic. There can be nothing more important for you to do right now than to watch this.

In 2008, with no exact plan in place, Denis just took to doodling on the backside of used paper. He made 12 drawings a day (that equaled one second of animation). And then, each of the following days, he took the last three drawings from the day before and kept on animating. Three years later, that slow accumulation of little bits of effort over time rendered an incredible movie that's captivating to watch and completely filled with spontaneity. What an incredible victory.


  1. :D I love his idea of "when is doubt, turn it into an octopus." Also, I liked watching the dates scroll like a stopwatch in the bottom right corner. He numbered every single piece. I think the last number is 2772.

  2. goodness. i liked the transparency of the scrap paper.

  3. I smiled through the whole thing. Awesome amounts of fun. Repetition is the key.

  4. I loved it, makes for inspiration :)

  5. amazing work!I love it

  6. Hot damn, this is wonderful. And the other side of the sheet is like another layer to the drawings.

  7. Amazingly beautiful works...keep it up!!

  8. Wow this is incredible I was so happy to watch this:)

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