Inspiration: Art

From Ear to Ear

by OKAT 7

From Ear to Ear | Doodlers Anonymous

I first discovered Julia Grigorieva's artwork because of her colorful and playful patterns of cats, birds, dragons and a whole bunch more, but I recently came upon her sketchbook and got a peak into how fun and creative she is outside of her commercial illustration work. Everything she touches comes to life and makes you smile from ear to ear. Enjoy.


  1. I love the childrens eyes above the face drawings, so simple but so effective...must try!

  2. these are lovely. love the wall art!

  3. Happy art!

  4. I love you style! very unique and fun!

  5. What a great face drawing art. lovely the wall art and fun!!

  6. Soooo cute !!! love it !

  7. I really like the first one.

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