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Sunday Grins! with Mr Spoqui

by Lisa Currie 3

Sunday Grins! with Mr Spoqui | Doodlers Anonymous

Let me introduce you to my very favourite doodling crew! They go by the name Mr Spoqui and they're a real born-and-bred family of four siblings (ages 12 to 21) who draw & make zines together. How cool is that! I want to imagine them all in bunk beds when they were younger, staying up way past their bedtime, throwing doodled notes and paper planes to each other over the bannisters...

Anyhow! Last week I asked this doodle-crew a few silly questions. Here are their hand-drawns answers... enjoy!

Mr Spoqui collaborated on their answers together, with each sibling being a different colour. Tiago is 12 years old (red), Blanca is 16 years old (yellow), Milena is 19 years old (blue), and Amanda is 21 years old (green).

Q: If you invented your own breakfast cereal, how would it look? What would it taste like?

Q: Doodle a school uniform that you'd love to see everyone at your school wear!

Q: What did you dream about last night?

Q: In the year 3000, what will be in our bathroom cabinets?

Q: Doodle a family portrait together!

BONUS ROUND: Why not use these questions as your own weekend doodling prompts! We'd love to see your hand-drawn answers, just post a link in the comments for us to visit.

Lisa Currie

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  1. brilliant! and so great that they are so young!

  2. I'm love with this crazy family!!

  3. My favorite is the last one! :D

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