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Would you like a doodled portrait with that coffee?

by Lisa Currie 10

Would you like a doodled portrait with that coffee? | Doodlers Anonymous

Some people have sugar with their morning coffee, some have milk. But a few artistic fellas seem to be taking their morning brew with a side of pens & pencils, thanks!

First off we have Colin David Stewart who hand-doodled a bunch of portraits for the coffee-sippers at Six Eight Kafe in Birmingham. I love imagining that a dude walks in, orders a coffee, and is handed this one-off portrait that looks surprisingly similar to his friend Jeff... or his sister Megan, or whoever. What a trip!

And if we're talking about coffee-cup doodlers, I can't not mention Boey. He's a true cup-drawing machine! Sip slowly and enjoy these hand-picked few...


  1. I doodle on the coffee cozys, the little sleeves that go on the cups, instead of the cups.

  2. This is super - good work guys!

  3. A good idea would be to have these made in mass production. they are bloody fantastic!

  4. he's me :)

  5. Did a project with kids in one of my art classes based on drawing on foam cups. They had a great time drawing on a flat surface that was round at the same time.

  6. Ooh, Boey's are striking :D

  7. i like your artwork :) cool!!

  8. Wishing my coffee had a portrait on it now lol

  9. amazing.:)

  10. excellent

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