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All The Pretty Ladies

by Hugo Seijas 4

All The Pretty Ladies | Doodlers Anonymous

One of my first true loves was Wendy, a run-down all-blue Nissan (Datsun) Stanza. Some of my most memorable stories (from my teenage years) could be traced back to my old "deep blue" and I couldn't help but reminisce while looking at the "Ladies" set of illustrated cars by France Belleville-Van Stone. It's easy to see why: Most of the watercolor drawings reveal the innate character and age of each vehicle, with strokes that feel almost like wrinkles on a person.

I wonder what Wendy looks like now. Is she just scrap at a junk yard? Or is she, even with all her imperfections, someone else's first true love.


  1. Great work but it's incomplete...lacking... missing something... I didn't see a dirty ol' Jeep Wrangler ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Recently I started to draw Vespas, so, this post is very inspiring!!! ^______^

  3. I like how all the shadows are colored :D

  4. I have been a big fan of France's artwork for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

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