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Look Up and You'll Miss It

by Lisa Currie 8

Look Up and You'll Miss It | Doodlers Anonymous

This one is for my fellow down-lookers, you know who you are! When we go for a stroll, we like to keep our chin pointed down and our gaze fixed a few inches in front of our boots. To find our way home, we look at the cracks in the pavement rather than the street signs! And we're the ones who always seem to find that stray ten-dollar bill on the sidewalk... lucky us!

Well, my fellow down-lookers, let me introduce you to a kindred doodler. Her name is Heike Weber and she's a German artist who works with the canvas under our feet. Check it out, these doodled floor installations would make even the snobbiest up-looker take a peek down!

By the way... they're all hand-drawn with markers & acrylic paint!


  1. Wow, the first image, with the blue lines, gives an incredible illusion of the sea. Hard to believe the patience and vision to create this with markers and paint.

  2. o.O awesome!

  3. These are incredible.

  4. I'll surely get dizzy on this..but it was incredible. :)

  5. i love the addition of the mirrors! little lines past infinity....

  6. This is incredible. I recall in elementary school we were taught how to make a design similar to these, however, I have never seen anything done at this scale. The amount of effort that must have gone into these floors is astounding.

  7. Phenomenal!

  8. Amazing and beautiful! I love these images!

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