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The Living Doodle: Turning Kid Drawings into Plush Toys

by Hugo Seijas 10

Heather and Tracy from Sunny Little Studio are bringing your kid's imagination to life by taking their flat 2D drawings and turning them into real-life plush toys. Just looking at some of their examples has re-kindled so much joy within me. Every creation is spontaneous and fun and the end result is some of the most creative plush toys I have ever seen. Wow... do I feel like a kid at a candy store.


  1. Bringing the kid's imaginations into reality is such an incredible idea!

  2. this is great work! you guys rock!

  3. love this.. inspirational

  4. whaaaaat! I can't believe the details, they look so spot on to the drawing, nice one!

  5. Wow, seems like there's a slew of craft folk doing the same thing. Here's a good resource:

  6. Here is another site with this idea:

  7. Absolutely love these!

  8. That is a great idea. If one was to create 3D models of the things I draw, I suppose that one would go mad.

  9. really brilliant idea love the childrens drawings and the toys made from them. There was a man who got lots of childrens drawings and made them into three d paintings.

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