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This is My Kind of Buried Treasure

by Lisa Currie 4

This is My Kind of Buried Treasure | Doodlers Anonymous

It's been a while since I've seen the movies, but as far as I remember, when Indiana Jones finds buried treasure, he barely lets out a little squeal under his breath. He's also probably too cool to start hiccupping because he's JUST. SO. DELIGHTED with what he's found today!

Me though? When I find buried treasure, I'm hardly cool about it. So when illustrator John Hersey emailed me these exclusive sketchbook doodlings, you better believe I was making all sorts of awkward noises under my breath! (Apologies to my fellow cafe-patrons who were trying to quietly sip their lattes at the time).

So far these doodlings have only been seen by John, his kids... and now we're JUST. SO. DELIGHTED to dust them off and share them with you guys! Enjoy.


  1. lOve.

  2. These are really awesome!

  3. Made me think of locating and collecting back my doodles since high school. Love it!

  4. perfect. nice

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