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The Doodle Flix King

by OKAT 6

The Doodle Flix King | Doodlers Anonymous

For the last 10 months we've been running a tumblr feed of drawn Netflix envelopes called Doodle Flix. It's been incredibly fun and inspiring to see the kinds of art people are creating within the constraint of a red envelope. Today I wanted to highlight our most popular contributor, Tim Hodge, whose already uploaded over 20 incredible drawings and I have no doubt his envelopes are putting smiles upon the faces of Netflix and postal employees everywhere. If you haven't done so already, give it a whirl and doodle something before you mail out your next movie.

Thanks Tim, keep 'em coming!


  1. How do you draw on the envelopes? The paper has a waxy substance!

  2. A Sharpie® works well. I also like the PITT brush pen by Faber-Castell. You just have to make sure the ink dries before you erase pencil lines. I also often use a white Prismacolor® pencil or white acrylic paint for highlights.

  3. My favorite doodling pen is a black Uni-Ball Vision Elite pen. It works well on Netflix envelopes.

  4. These are terrific. Do the pictures reflect the movie?

  5. They rarely reflect the movie I watched, though I know other doodlers often create an image from the film. I just like to let my mind wander.

  6. Two overdue updates here:\r\nThe publicity from this got me a freelance gig designing Netflix\'s holiday mailers for the past three years! \r\nAlso, I just started a kickstarter for my book, \"Pith & Vinegar\". Check it out!

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