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The Most Versatile Woman To Ever Live

by OKAT 14

The Most Versatile Woman To Ever Live | Doodlers Anonymous

This half-drawn-lady in the hands of David Jablow, led to pages of pages of creativity and insane doodle greatness. On an old novelty pad, David found the above half-drawn prompt with the simple words: Do it yourself. Doodler.

So incredibly uncomplicated, but within that simple constraint David went off and drew some incredible themes of most anything you can imagine, like the inside of a spaceship to the rings of a wrestling match.

It's now a 48-page book. Love it.


  1. super rad.

  2. The awesome of awesomeness! :D

  3. So awesome.

  4. cool idea!

  5. What a brilliant idea. This is the kind of creativity that inherently sparks more creativity!

  6. the sunglasses idea is awesome

  7. This reminds me of the doodling i used to do during class on the worksheets that they pass out. I'd add things to the pictures to make them epic. haha. Good post.

  8. Amazing!!! I just love it!!!

  9. Now those are some damn good episode!

  10. Now those are some damn good doodles!

  11. That's fantastic :D

  12. Now that's what I'm talking. Nice works!

  13. wow fab idea

  14. I saw this a month or so ago and absolutely loved the creativity and ingenuity behind the variations!

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