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Built-in Sharpener

by OKAT 11

Built-in Sharpener | Doodlers Anonymous

I love all of Grace Danico's illustration work, but by far my favorite are the drawings she's made with what look like your ordinary, everyday Crayola crayon and color pencil. The consistent colors of blue and deep orange feel so friendly and fresh, that I just want her objects to come to life so I can play with them.

Grace Danico is also the Illustration Editor of one of my favorite graphic blogs, Grain Edit. Be sure to spend some time on there as well. Now smile, because her artwork will make you happy.


  1. this is lovely! makes me want to take out a box of crayons and go crazy :)

  2. Too cute & so happy!

  3. yeahhhh love these.

  4. so cute, i love it :)

  5. Hello, I'm The Merry Lurker. Not a spammer, I promise! This just happens to be my first post here. Just passing on the Versatile Blogger Award It's kinda' like a chain letter, but it's kinda' cool. I picked this one because it's totally spontaneous, and you just never know what's going to be posted. I mean.. come on.. walking foods with matching feet? How classic is that? :D Anyway, that's about all I've got to say. Keep up the doodling, and I'll be lurking about somewhere. Rock on!

  6. lovely! respect!

  7. Blue and red it always is

  8. Grace is awesome!

  9. awesome!

  10. Grace has fantastic work and she is also a very nice person! Keep up the good work Grace!

  11. Particularly like the "lemon and orange" characters, it seems as if they should be facing each other rather than facing apart!

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