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Keep Feeling Fascination

by OKAT 3

Keep Feeling Fascination | Doodlers Anonymous

I think I'm obsessed with the doodles, drawings and hand-drawn type of Stephanie Kubo. It's hard to describe her work because it seems she can do almost anything.

She doodles beautiful and colorful hoops, loops and circles with an almost infinite compulsion.

Then you'll discover she draws women wearing the most fascinating and intricate head wear.

The best part, her control of eye-popping hand-drawn lettering that look as if they were enhanced in high-definition. And it doesn't just end there either, visit her site for everything else. Big love Steph.


  1. There is something beautiful about circles.

  2. Wow, I really like her hand drawn lettering. Especially the 'Strong' piece. Two thumbs!

  3. Amazing abstract doodles. I love this kind of art- it's so energetic and lively.

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