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Magic Mushrooms

by OKAT 6

Magic Mushrooms | Doodlers Anonymous

Keren Mack is from Israel and she wishes there will someday be a whole city of her drawn gardens, restaurants, clubs and wave shaped trees, complete with an entire civilization of owl muffins, costume dressing beavers, and love turtles.

By recently completing a twenty-five meter mural in the New Youth House in Tel Aviv, she's slowly making that wish come true. Watch the video, as a doodle that started with a general idea, grew and evolved almost by itself into a 6 day, 50 marker draw that winds around doors, corners, windows and walls.

Related: Keren Mack also once drew all over our Doodle Addict T-Shirt. See for yourself or take part in drawing your very own.


  1. Amazing... So beautiful decoration on the walls.

  2. nice!

  3. Very inspiring...

  4. Inspiring :D

  5. owsme

  6. great

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