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Going Postal

by Hugo Seijas 6

Going Postal | Doodlers Anonymous

Every now and then I enjoy a fun trip down memory lane. This time, my travels were courtesy of Danny Martin and his movie characters drawn on US Postal Service stickers. I'm loving the texture the stickers added to the black and white drawings of some of my favorite movies from when I was a teenager (The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, Ghostbusters) as well as a recent favorite (There Will Be Blood). Go take a gander, no postage stamp required.


  1. My favourites are the Michael Myers portrait and the one of Bill Murray.

  2. Mazin, just mazin...

  3. I like the Bill Murray one too! Great concept, adept hand at drawing.

  4. Forgive me for speaking plainly, but I'm an oil man. And one other thing I want to mention is bread. That's right ladies and gentlemen, this is good art.

  5. Excellent :D

  6. :)

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