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Music = Art = Music

by Vincent Griffin 10

Music = Art = Music | Doodlers Anonymous

If you are like me you often create late into the night accompanied by music you can get lost in and let your hands go free. I think it would be impossible for me to create without these soundscapes becoming soundtracks to each line I draw, each thought I have, each revelation and with every finished creation.

We live in a great time of self produced music and art. Where we can connect with anyone through the things we love. It makes me really excited to think we can encourage each other from thousands of miles away. It's overwhelmingly beautiful. One thing that this technology has made me miss though is the intimacy of the mix tape (or CD for that matter). I remember selecting songs and knowing that this form of media only holds a certain amount. Every song was important, every song had to mean something. I am sure lots of you feel the same way because we love doodling and working with our hands so much… we value that touch, that imperfectness, that harmony that happens when head meets heart in the truest sense of nostalgia. I wish I could usher in the resurgence of making mix tapes. We could all doodle covers to the music we have selected to share….and travel down to the post office to mail out these wonderful gifts. Have collections of music that inspired art that inspired music. It would be amazing, no? What music is inspiring you right now? What is getting your thoughts spinning out of control?


  1. I agree with everything you said about the finite constraint of a mix tape. It forced each song to be the right song and in the right order. It's a long lost love for sure. Music is most definitely my biggest prompt to draw. I'd have to say that The White Lies, Interpol, The Shins and Radiohead are staples to my drawing playlist, but recently the funked Das Racist and haunting Bob Dylan have been finding their way in as well.

  2. I totally agree, music helps my mind relax and facilitates creativity. I find different styles of music create different drawing experiences as well. My husband often makes his own electronic music in our attic studio that we share and I like the repetetive rhythms as they help me zone into the fine details of my drawings. But I also love listening to the familiar songs from my youth that have helped shape my personality such as the Pixies and Sleater-Kinney with their drony guitars and harmonies as they bring out a confidence in my work. BBC Radio 6 Music is a reliable source of eclectic inspirational music, but I agree that I miss the good old mix tape with all its nostalgic connections with people and places.

  3. Maybe would should set up a mixed tape/cd swap with original art on the cover. I used to love making them myself. My wife still has a bunch of the old mixed tapes/cd's I made for her complete with original artwork. They're nice to hear and see what I was into at that time. Right now I'm really into listening to Earth, Ghost, Sleep, Melvins, and Fantomas while I doodle or paint.

  4. I totally agree with this sentiment. Even though I have all of my digital tools at my disposal, the mix-CDs I made almost 10 years ago I continue to play in my car on a regular basis.

  5. I still make mix cds...

  6. Swing jazz and surf.

  7. make a wish:

  8. I'm addicted to Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Shins and The Veils right now, with a splash of The Rolling Stones and anything really. Music is the best creative tool. I ♥ music. I ♥ art! I totally agree!

  9. thefoxisblack has a selection of digital mix tapes. Maybe you can take the length of each side of a cassette tape and create two parts to a digital mix tape?

  10. This is pretty much me too every time a pencil enters my hand...\r\nNice stuff here. :)

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