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Showcase #14: Egg Draw

by OKAT 2

Showcase #14: Egg Draw | Doodlers Anonymous

In this season of artificial green cellophane and pastel hyperbole comes the kind of challenge you've been waiting for. Leave the bunnies and chicks to the chocolatiers and doodle up some savagely creative eggs. No theme. No constraints. Just you and a carton of (fragile) possibility. You can draw on one eggshell or a dozen, just make sure you only upload one photo.

I'd like to thank the fine folks at DrawTop for sponsoring this ridiculously cool drawing challenge. They make an awesome product by custom cutting adhesive vinyl whiteboards that you can stick practically anywhere, including the backs of electronic devices like laptops and iPads.

Click for prize and participation details. Deadline is Thursday, April 5th, so go on and get to showing off your drawing skills.

Doodle on friends.


  1. YES! This is one of my favourite DA challenges so far!

  2. Wow!! this is a wonderful showcase ::)

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