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Awareness of Moment

by Vincent Griffin 4

Awareness of Moment | Doodlers Anonymous

Brian Rea is probably hands down my favorite illustrator / designer / maker. He was an illustrator for the New York Times Sunday Styles column "Modern Love" and worked closely with Chris Silas Neal. Together they had some of the most stunning illustrations I have ever seen. The drawings were so loose and pure that I couldn't quit staring at them.

He also works with hand drawn typography a lot and installed a mural at the Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona, Spain that explored visions and fears. I am particularly drawn to his honesty in his fear pieces. I am sure that we all share some of his fears and it's great to see someone unfiltered.

He most recently completed work on the Malcolm Gladwell Collection which includes 3 of Malcolms most known works: Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers and was design by Paul Sahre.

Head over to Brian's website and take a look through his work. I think you will find it inspiring.


  1. I like the "avoid this" section on his homepage!

  2. These are so very pretty! :DD And deep! Excellent (:

  3. i like the concept of this portion. pretty amazing!

  4. I love these.

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