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Member Spotlight: Alice Savage

by OKAT 15

Member Spotlight: Alice Savage | Doodlers Anonymous

I discovered Alice's work during our Doodlebomb open call. Her submission transformed a fashion model into a surreal creature standing against tentacles and stars.

It was subtle and delicate, but it definitely caught my attention. As did the rest of her sketchbook, where there's lots of flowing long hair, female bodies and sometimes even a hint of watercolor. She lives on flickr and Welcome to DA, Alice.


  1. gorgeous work

  2. Last 3 of Alice's work in this entry is a wow! :D

  3. WOW

  4. Beautiful work!!!

  5. Great work- wow.

  6. Man, I love this style.

  7. *blushes hard* thankyou so so much for the spotlight. And for the supercute comments...It's my first spotlight ever and I am all excited now XD

  8. Alice is fabulous! :DDD My first fave. I'm picky (:

  9. so fluid

  10. You are so talented!

  11. It blows my mind.. i love your style!

  12. oohhh...

  13. Amazing art work. Simply beautiful.

  14. Pump it up.

  15. these are so fluid and pretty! great work!

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