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Points of Interest

by Vincent Griffin 0

Points of Interest | Doodlers Anonymous

The summer of 2011 Nicole Lavelle road a bike made of bamboo from Alabama to San Francisco. Saying it was a gigantic accomplishment would be an understatement (at least by my terms). I am fascinated by her hand drawn typography and observations that came out of such an adventure.

She says that the work is compiled of words and ideas that were a collaboration between her and strangers that she met along the path through middle America. Every one of these hand drawn posters completely crush me in the best possible way. They are so direct, so honest, and are like a photographic snapshot of each moment on this journey.

Having driven through America for tours I have come to realize that my memories are closely associated with feelings. We connect to our environments based on our experiences. Driving through the salt flats watching the sun behind us setting, letting the windows down and listening to music…hoping that we remember it as clearly the next day as we will a decade later.

These posters make me want to take more adventures and experience more of those sunsets in as many places as I can. Of course I will probably use Nicole's idea and doodle my feelings, conversations and memories for future inspiration when I forget exactly how that wind felt blowing through the car. Let's take more adventures.


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