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Relentless Optimism

by Vincent Griffin 0

Relentless Optimism | Doodlers Anonymous

I stumbled upon Chad Kouri's work awhile ago through Will Bryant's website. I believe they had done a collaboration on a project and I was completely refreshed from the colors, textures, and style of Chad's work. I am particularly drawn to his wonderful collages and use of very minimal layouts with them. I read a quote somewhere that basically said it's not what is on the page, but what's not. When I look at Chad's work my mind is free to roam through each piece and create my own realities surrounding what it means, what it doesn't mean, etc..

Not only does he do amazing collage work but he also gets down with some mean hand drawn typography. I really love how he collaged his doodles, drawings, typographic designs and scrap pieces of paper for the Write Now: Artists and Letterforms. Whenever I can see an artists process it makes me feel pretty normal about all the things both internally and externally I go through to create a piece. Seeing the visual thought of working through a problem tends to inspire my process and shines new light on the directions I can take.

Chad is also a part of the Post Family which is doing some pretty insanely amazing things. Such a rich talent pool in one place….I am surprised the building hasn't caught fire. Please take some time to check out both Chad and the Post Family. I think you will be inspired by what you find!


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