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March's Guest Contributor:
Vincent Griffin

by OKAT 2

March's Guest Contributor:Vincent Griffin | Doodlers Anonymous

Most days when I post inspiration on Doodlers Anonymous, it's because I discovered an artist doing something so incredibly different than my own style, that I just want to share them with everyone. Other times, I discover an artist whose style is so familiar to me, that I practically connect to each and every one of their drawings.

In this case, it was with Vincent Griffin's work. I've been following his feed on Instagram and quickly realized how often I "like" one of his images. We only exchanged a few emails, but I immediately knew he would be a great fit to guest write for the month of March.

He gladly accepted.

Vincent works in Little Rock, Arkansas as an illustrator and part-times it playing music in two different bands (or music collectives as he called them). He lives on Instagram and posts completed works on Land and Shape. Here are some of my favorites, but I really just wanted to post all of his work.


  1. I am a big fan of Vince's work. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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