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See You Around

by Muxxi 5

See You Around | Doodlers Anonymous

It seems like February is saying good bye to all of us. I really enjoyed so much sharing with you some of my favorites doodles, I hope you enjoyed them too and I hope they were as inspiring for you as they are for me. Instead of a "good bye" I want to say "see you around" cause I will be sharing some other interesting things in the future in this amazing and lovely place. Doodlers Anonymous is definitely one of my favorite sites and I wanna thank them for this amazing opportunity.

Meanwhile you can follow me on twitter (@Muxxi) and Facebook, hope to see you there. Let's keep it doodling!


  1. you made some really nice posts :) Thanks!

  2. Thank you, is nice to know that you enjoyed all my posts :)

  3. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you Chris, this was such a good experience :)

  5. Just "liked" you on Facebook. Excellent work.

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