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The Many Faces of a Toilet Paper Roll

by OKAT 9

The Many Faces of a Toilet Paper Roll | Doodlers Anonymous

I only recently came to know Andrew Orlando. He stopped by our studio to drop off a drawn Doodle Addict Postcard and with him was a bright green tote bag. When I looked inside, dozens of faces stared back at me. I immediately lit up, the bag was filled with toilet paper rolls that he covered with bright and bold colors of paint and marker. Eyes, teeth, scribbled hair and so many expressions formed these comical characters. Over 30 rolls in hand and he told me he had tons more back home, I believe he said his goal was to reach one-thousand.

I was sold and feeling like I wanted one of his comical characters for our studio. With toilet paper rolls on the mind, the obvious answer would be to have him paint up our bathroom door. He drew up some ideas on scraps of paper and soon after his pencil was scratching against the door.

A couple days later and there was a funny shaped monster (with the coolest sneakers) in line waiting to pee at our restroom. True story.


  1. Wonderfully inventive, like crushed can art!

  2. love it!

  3. This is fabulous!!!!

  4. Wow, these guys are cute. My sister was just telling me that she was looking for ideas of things to make with her kiddos. Toilet paper roll guys would be perfect! Unrelated, I'm doing a little social art project over on my blog. Basically perfect for doodlers. Anyways, if you're interested, you can learn more here:

  5. These made me laugh so much! Nicely fun, nicely done.

  6. Those are adorable!

  7. Makes me want to keep a box of paints by the toilet!

  8. These make me want to start my own collection!

  9. Definitely do it!

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