Inspiration: Art

A Lovely Collection of Thoughts

by Muxxi 6

A Lovely Collection of Thoughts | Doodlers Anonymous

Have you seen Andrea Wan's Mini Journal? well, if you haven't, I have to tell you it is a must in your next inspiration search. She made a mini journal containing a collection of 4"x6" drawings inspired in thoughts and ideas of her own. Her project is full of creepy and adorable images. One of the best sketchbooks I've seen lately. It is a beautiful project made to be seen and enjoyed page by page.


  1. I love it!

  2. I love the clash of the acidic, cheery yellow, and the bold, creepy black. Makes things stand out in a magical, eerie way. Love it.

  3. what purple said!

  4. This is a great job for a much needed option with vibrant colours.Thanks a lot it seems so good

  5. love your work!

  6. This is just amazing!

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