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Living in a Magic and Euphoric World

by Muxxi 8

Living in a Magic and Euphoric World | Doodlers Anonymous

Karina Eibatova, aka Eika, is an illustrator and fine artist from Leningrad, Russia, in a maidenly and most delicate way, she transforms floral motives into anthropomorphic forms and conjures up a magical and euphoric world, as a counterpoint against a remorseless, modern society and megapolis environment. Her artwork features a deft blend of surrealist elements and psychedelia. The main themes that influence her creativity are nature on Earth, infinite space and hair.

Karina specializes in drawing, illustrations, video, calligraphic and typographic art, her portfolio reveals a multi-talented and versatile artist equally adept at colorful surrealist explorations.

Very inspirational images don't you think? Be sure to take a look of her portfolio.


  1. This is CRAZY

  2. this is one of the most amazing things i have ever seen, soo captivating! does it take long to finish a piece?

  3. i am IN LOVE with your work *___________* seriously, one of the prettiest and great pencil art i've seen :)

  4. Nice work

  5. what does it say?

  6. that glass with the universe inside really hit home for me! the tea bag is a nice touch.

  7. that's AMAZING

  8. beautiful

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