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With Love from Pueyrredon Ville

by Muxxi 5

With Love from Pueyrredon Ville | Doodlers Anonymous

From skulls, strange creatures and weird objects, Alvarez Ortega Bianchi from Buenos Aires Argentina, likes to create series of playful images full of fun characters. I had the opportunity to exchange some lines with him and this is what he told me about his work:

"I'm a director in my own studio, Cucacolor, where we develop graphic design, art direction and illustration. I like to think that everything that I saw or liked, or make me felt something, lies randomly into my works. Also like to include everyday stuff in there. I’m such a fanatic of details and little things that make the works special, at least for me. Most of my works are hand drawn, with lovely black ink, sometimes I’d use magic markers to add a little color and sometimes I’d do it digitally. It depends on the project, because I also love to make big paintings, murals in the street or wherever I find the right place. Salud!"

You can find more at, be sure to watch all his works, you never know what you might find.


  1. wow! another great post muxxi :D

  2. love it to bits! ice cream change mural ~lol~ and all the details in his work...awesome!


  4. Un maestro!

  5. muchas gracias!! salud!

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