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Milk Does A Sketchbook Good

by OKAT 11

Milk Does A Sketchbook Good | Doodlers Anonymous

Portraits made with oil paint, that is what Soey Milk (an artist from Pasadena, California) is best known for, but I wanted to look beneath all of that and showcase the drawings you'd find in her sketchbook.

I think you'll agree, I found them to be just as dramatic and seductive.


  1. Beautiful work!

  2. Lovely drawings!

  3. WOW! i really like the portraits! Especially some of the emotions that are put inside of them! Nice work!

  4. Gorgeous stuff! Love seeing the typography and hand written notes throughout. Cheers!

  5. sensuality at every steps........wonderful artist

  6. Lovely executions! Lots of soul....and art has to have soul!

  7. Wow! There is so much life in you drawings!

  8. cool ... I love Eduardo Recife too.

  9. beautiful :)

  10. Great use of different mediums blending together. Also love your choice of color. Sets a mood that adds another dimension to your images. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  11. Represent from Pasadena California! You\'re work is amazing.

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