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Detailed Classical Portraits

by Muxxi 15

Detailed Classical Portraits | Doodlers Anonymous

Have you seen the amazing work of Sagaki Keita? If not, I'm very pleased to introduce to you this very talented Japanese artist. His drawings are composed by a bunch of very small characters, cartoons and shapes, he mixes them with different tones to create the volume of his amazing pieces, entirely made with ink on paper. His masterpieces recreate classical art, greek sculptures and famous paintings. If you are a detail junkie you will definitely enjoy a visit to his website, his work is simply unbelievable.


  1. Amazing

  2. omg! that's massive in detail! Love!!!! :D

  3. speechless ...

  4. This blows my mind.

  5. Great work!!!

  6. Insane!

  7. This is one of the most incredible pieces I've seen...I think that might be more difficult than painting the real Mona Lisa. :)

  8. wow, I truly love the fourth work of art- it has inspired me to doodle something that is currently only in my mind. Love your work- where can we view more?

  9. Mind blowwwwing!

  10. geeezzz

  11. WHAT!? So much detail but then it doesn't seem edgy from far away! I feel this type of art is going to become popular in the next couple of years! Really Great work!

  12. Totally insane! Incredibly beautiful. Wow. This one leaves me speechless for a while.

  13. now THAT is time consuming and worth it!!

  14. I love the detail in this work and the tones from black to white. Fine and detailed art indeed!

  15. Love the intricacy of this work! Amazing how the viewer is rewarded over and over upon closer, repeated viewings.

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