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February's Guest Contributor: Muxxi

by OKAT 7

February's Guest Contributor: Muxxi | Doodlers Anonymous

We introduced you to Muxxi back in July 2010 as a Guatemalan artist lost in a crazy doodle world. That's still true, only since then she's better defined her style and grown her playing field to include murals, vector illustrations, and awesome collaborations with like-minded artists.

She's also left her mark all over DA, from showcase submissions to participating in practically every drawn giveaway we've ever done. We love her surreal characters and strange worlds and have now welcomed her to contribute to Doodlers Anonymous for the month of February.

She's waving hello, so be sure to wave back and take some time to visit her growing portfolio and online shop of art prints.


  1. Bienvenida Muxxi!

  2. Gracias Hugo ;) Thanks Okat for this lovely introduction, I have a lot of splendid doodles to show this month so stay tuned my dear doodler addicts.

  3. :) wow- I love your use of colour- and do you plan what you are going to doodle before hand, or do you just got out and do what feels right at the time?

  4. I like to be spontaneous, in that way I can go as far as I want, so I never plan my work unless I'm working with a client.

  5. i love Muxxi's style (:

  6. I love the fun, dreamy worlds from Muxxi. Looking forward to seeing the stuff that inspires her.

  7. So cute! Having such graffiti around must make every passer-by happy!

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