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One-Thousand Drawing Project

by OKAT 9

One-Thousand Drawing Project | Doodlers Anonymous

Akira Horikawa has been drawing quirky images from his mind, dreams and emotions since 2007. He's filled quite a few pocket-sized sketchbooks and is now posting them on tumblr for your viewing pleasure. There are no gimmicks here and hardly any color to be found, just simple, unsteady lines that form re-interpreted and oddly fascinating compositions.

Found via Beautiful/Decay


  1. Brilliant work. Thanks for the share.

  2. Everything is amazing! Very entertaining indeed :D

  3. Real NICE , hey is there a way to submit work here ? Patar Nosters Art

  4. These are fantastic! great imagination and drawing skills. love it, you can create your own story for each one.....

  5. These are truly awesome!

  6. @ED, I agree. I love the human controlled aligator- that picture makes so much sense to me.

  7. oohwaw.. nice

  8. this is amazing. i love it!

  9. Nice, little bit of crazy porno in the last one lols

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