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White With Fear

by OKAT 9

White With Fear | Doodlers Anonymous

These are not doodles, they are life like character drawings found in Chamo San's moleskine and I cannot stop looking at them. Each one seems to tell of a moment in time with no beginning or end, just a middle. And take note of the white marks, what perfect subtlety.


  1. I am finding some synchronicity with the appearance of the wolf image. These are fascination.

  2. I stumbled upon this post whilst reading 'In the Company of Wolves' by Angela Carter. The first drawing seems to fit with that story somewhat. I love some of these figurative studies.

  3. Ritwik Das, Did you ever see the film 'In the Company of Wolves' directed by Neil Jordan? It's Great.

  4. I haven't man, but will have to now. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  5. the superposition are great !!!

  6. Great stuff! the huge wolf head and cowering woman -- very potent love the way your hatching on your figures flows with and around the forms -- (been learning old masters type hatching, but now you make me want to try this) the superimposition is wonderful

  7. Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture FOUR, picture 5, picture SIX- awesomely done (should that be a word)!

  8. Wow! Intense! I would love to see more. And how beautifully these people are drawn!

  9. so intense..i love them!

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