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Dear Katie

by Hugo Seijas 8

Dear Katie | Doodlers Anonymous

Katie Drew's sketchbook is an intimate look into her everyday life. There is something intriguing in the simplistic way she presents her world. With each page you'll grow more attached to her surroundings, personality, style, and ultimately, Katie herself.


  1. Katie, your art work is beautiful. It speaks to me in many ways. You seem so sad . I hope you are ok. You have a lot to offer artistically and bring people into your world in a unique way. Take care, Keep posting . I love it! -Amee:)

  2. Katie.. your work is very beautiful...

  3. Katie, I have a t-shirt with one of the above designs put out by a friend of mine who has a t-shirt company. Did you design it? Or did you see it on someone and were perhaps inspired by it?

  4. Hello Jace I think you mean the one with the couple hugging, I saw the image in a free zine I picked up in a cafe in Manchester I thought it was really cool, didn't realise it was a tshirt design I hope they're not mad! I just couldn't help drawing it. X

  5. Well it's a possibility that the artist who designed the t-shirt saw the same image in another context also, perhaps in the same zine you even speak of, and the t-shirt is their version. I think it would be nice if someone saw yours and feels inspired and draws their own version, paying it forward also...regardless, it's a pretty special image/concept. Thanks for your honesty and for sharing your work. .

  6. Austere and beautiful. I really like the feel of these doodles: they're really good.

  7. ooh my! i'm so in love...

  8. I love your all of these pieces so much.

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