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It Bleeds

by OKAT 10

It Bleeds | Doodlers Anonymous

This new set of drawings by Rolf Schröter immediately caught my attention. Ink and watercolor mix, stain and bleed onto calligraphy paper bound in a handmade Japanese folded sketchbook. It's a visual feast, bon appetite.


  1. I love how bold your lines are, I needa get some of this paper! :)

  2. These are wonderful. I really like the natural, loose feel. They're only tightly controlled in the most important areas, which gives these drawings a really bustling life.

  3. Wonderful sketches. The red color is just perfect for the season! :)

  4. these are brilliant, I love the sense of urgency the red gives them

  5. thanks a lot, all!

  6. I love these pictures! How are the pictures uploaded, do you just take a picture with your camera-phone?

  7. thnx, johnny. it are all scans, scanned on colored background and cropped/masked in ps (using wand-tool to select and mask away background).

  8. I see, but do all the artists just scan them up? Or are water-based pictures different?

  9. do not know about others, but i think, scanning is best for everything on paper (much better control of contrast and color than photo). if sheets are bigger than scanner, i use photoshop-photomerge, works magical (anyway, normally i work small >easy scanning)

  10. Thank Rolf Schroeter!

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