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Ema's Scrapbook

by OKAT 7

Ema's Scrapbook | Doodlers Anonymous

This will do you some good, I promise.

Press play and take eight minutes of your day to sit back and enjoy the inside of ema's sketchbook as nail-polished finger tips guide you from page to page -- through leaves, space, love, animals, mushrooms, patterns, landscapes and more.

Found via Sretan Bor.


  1. who is the artist? I would love to see some more stuff by them!

  2. Artist: EmaEmaEma here is her Flickr:

  3. What kinds of books do you purchase to make the scrapbooks? I find your art inspiring :)

  4. awesome scrapbook :)

  5. Wonderful!

  6. beautiful style

  7. i love this so much! so versatile

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